A big smile from George and a smaller one off Simon                             Grahame Tonge; winner of the Coronation Cup

Bernard & Frank; winners of the S&D Vets Doubles Averages             John Moffatt; winner of the Vets 'B' team averages

Graham Tonge again; winning the 2012 Merit                                            Graham Barratt; winner of the LV 'A' team averages

Dennis Evans who won the combined S&D Nursery averages          Arthur Hibbert; winner of the 'B' team LV averages

'Clubman' of the Year; Malcolm Savage                                                     Alan Freeman; winner of the President's Handicap

Dave Gwilliam; who was voted 'Player of the Year' 2012                       Dennis Evans; winner of the 'A' team vets averages

Alan Freeman; winner of the 'D' team vets averages                                   Winner of the Derek Nadin Cup, Martin Thorley